Yam and Egg Combo Meal: The Unassuming Healthy Meal


A nail fungal infection is an infection that occurs when a fungus attacks the fingernails, toenails, or nail bed. Fungi may attack the nail through the small cuts that appear on the skin surrounding the nail or through the space between the nail and the nail bed. This won’t cause any complications when you are in the pink of health.

Causes of Nail Infection

Nail fungal infections may be caused by molds, yeasts, and other types of fungi, the most common of these belong to a group known as dermatophytes. Fungi grow best in an environment that is dark, warm, and moist. It is more likely to spread from one infected person to another or through contact with an infected surface. Anyone who likes to walk barefoot in public places like swimming pools and locker rooms may be prone to this condition. This can be acquired from sharing personal items like nail clippers with others.

When you are susceptible to infections due to some medical conditions like diabetes, they tend to recur. If you don’t do anything to prevent or treat the infection it is likely to become severe.

Common Symptoms

Nail fungal symptoms take time to develop. A nail infected with fungus often shows the following symptoms: the nail becomes thicker, the nail turns yellow, brown, or green and the nail becomes crumbly and brittle, and it may also separate from the nail bed. The infection does not usually cause pain unless it becomes severe and gets in the way of wearing shoes or walking. In some cases, the infection may also give off a foul smell.


For diagnosing a nail fungal infection, the doctor has to look into the nails and skin of one’s hands and feet. Your medical history is also important. Usually, a nail sample will be taken from you and sent to a lab for testing to find out the pathogen that caused the infection.


The most aggressive nail fungus treatment is the oral antifungal which has to be taken for several months up to a year. A good alternative is a topical antifungal which has to be applied directly to the nail.

2All about Yam and Egg

Yam and egg is a combo meal that is most loved in Nigeria and many places around the world. Such eggs are often fried or made into an egg sauce. This can be consumed with boiled or fried yam. Most people who have been eating this meal have been wondering if they are getting any nutrients from it. The answer is affirmative since this meal comes with a wealth of health benefits.

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