What You Must Know about Lavender Oil as a Toenail Fungus Home Remedy


Toenail fungus infection is so common. This kind of infection goes through the nail cracks and cuts in one’s skin. This condition can cause your nails to change in color and become thick until it crumbles. It can be painful as well. The fungus often grows in a damp and warm environment; this is why the toes provide a perfect environment for fungus to grow. Different types of fungi and at times yeast affect the nails. When the condition is left untreated, the infection may spread from one nail to other nails and even to the skin.

6Who Are More Prone to Nail Fungus Infection

Men are more susceptible to getting infected than women. Older people are more likely to get it than those who are younger. It is also a common condition among people who have diabetes, athlete’s foot, and those who suffer from a weak immune system. People who smoke and those who have family members who suffer from the condition are more prone to it too. It’s also a common condition among those who are always in the water or those who have injured their toenail.

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