What Health Benefits Can You Enjoy from Palo Santo?


Fungal infections make up 50 percent of all nail abnormalities. It’s nail fungus that makes the nails discolored, crumbly, thick, brittle, and distorted. This may develop on just about any nail, but this commonly occurs on toenails. Toenail fungus appears unsightly and embarrassing to many, which is why most people think of it as a cosmetic problem instead of a medical concern.

What does the nail infection look like?

Nail fungus symptoms are often easy to detect and include: debris underneath the nail, nail darkening, nail thickening, pain and discomfort coming from the nail, foul smell coming from the infected nail, and spots under the nail, which are often white or yellow.

What causes the nail fungus infection?

There is no gender, ethnicity, and geographic preference when it comes to nail fungus infections. It is often contracted by people who are fond of walking barefoot in pools, locker areas, and other similar settings. The infection is also more likely to occur because of a nail injury, which may serve as the entry point of the fungus. People who always wear shoes are more prone to nail fungus due to the conducive environment inside the shoes. People who have diabetes and circulatory problems are also more prone to infection.

What can treat a nail fungal infection?

A topical nail fungus treatment is often not the first type of treatment recommended by doctors. The dermatologist instead recommends an oral antifungal medication, which has been proven effective such as itraconazole or terbinafine. It is more likely for the topical medication to be applied along with consuming an oral antifungal. When the nail fungal infection gets severe, a nail removal surgery may be in order. This is particularly needed when the infection does not respond to treatment.


The best way to prevent nail fungal infections is to practice good foot hygiene. Make sure that your feet are always clean and dry and that your toenails are trimmed.

2All about the Palo Santo

Palo santo is a tree that is native to Ecuador, Peru, and other countries in South America. It goes by the scientific name Bursera graveolens. It usually grows in tropical forests and is known for its fragrant resin. In Spanish, the name palo santo means holy wood. This is part of the citrus family and contains the pleasant sweet notes of lemon, pint, and mint. This is a scent that is perfect for the holiday season.

Wood, oil, and resin have been used for various medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Its primary use is as a pain and stress treatment. It is also believed to eliminate negative energy. Although there isn’t any scientific evidence behind these medical benefits, the tree has been used by indigenous peoples as a treatment for centuries.

The palo santo essential oil is known to be a potent supporter of mental and emotional clarity. Apart from Palo santo’s mental health applications, more recent studies have shown that it possesses promising health benefits in enhancing immunity and fighting off diseases.

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