What Do Yellow Toenails Mean?


Could Yellow Toenails Be An Indication Of Something More?

Noticing a yellow tinge to your toenails may cause you to worry, and you would be right to, as there are many medical problems that yellowing toenails could indicate. Toenails can actually be considered the storytellers of health, and at the first sign of any discoloration, medical attention should be sought from a doctor or podiatrist.


A yellow appearance of the toenails may be a sign of diabetes. This isn’t very common but it is definitely worth checking it out. Usually, if diabetes is the cause of the nail discolouration, there will also be other apparent symptoms such as feeling exceptionally thirsty, constantly needing to drink water and feeling extremely tired to the point of regular exhaustion. The reason that diabetes can cause a yellow tinge to the toenails is because the condition affects the glucose production and distribution in the body. It can cause glucose to attach to the collagen proteins in the nails and turn them from the healthy looking pink to the unhealthy looking yellow.

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