What Do Yellow Toenails Mean?


Could Yellow Toenails Be An Indication Of Something More?

Noticing a yellow tinge to your toenails may cause you to worry, and you would be right to, as there are many medical problems that yellowing toenails could indicate. Toenails can actually be considered the storytellers of health, and at the first sign of any discoloration, medical attention should be sought from a doctor or podiatrist.

4Fungal Infection

For most people who notice a yellowing to their toenails, the problem will usually have been caused by a yellow toenail fungus. These kinds of fungal infections may occasionally be a symptom of a more serious problem such as a weakened immune system but generally they are caused by personal habits.

• Wearing shoes that are made with non-breathable materials means that the sweat from the feet will mix with bacteria and therefore create a breeding ground for fungal infections.
• Walking barefoot in public places such as locker rooms or swimming pools will also increase the chance of contracting a fungal infection.

The actual process of how a fungal nail infection develops refers to the rapid increase in the production of yeast or ringworm fungus. This production becomes worst when feet are exposed to moisture and warmth. Therefore, keeping your feet enclosed in hot shoes or walking barefoot in wet places makes the probability of developing a fungal infection very high. The toenail becoming yellow will be one of the first signs of an infection, further signs will be more extreme discoloration as well as changes in the actual shape of the toenail, a loss of shine and also a brittle feel and a susceptibility to chipping and splitting, some nails may even become loose and fall off due to a separation of the nail from the nail bed.

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