Wax Myrtle: Getting Rid of Fungal Infections and Other Diseases


Nail fungal infections are quite common. They are not really serious, but they may take a long time to treat. Nail fungal infections often affect your toenails, but they can also occur on your fingernails. They may start on the edge of the nail and spread to the middle. With this condition, the nail becomes discolored and thicker in certain areas. The nail can become brittle and its pieces can break off. The entire nail may also lift off the nail bed, causing pain and swelling in the skin surrounding the affected nail.

6Treatments from a doctor

A general practitioner doctor can prescribe antifungal tablets. However, before they can give you tablets you must take a sample of the infected nail for it to be tested. This will help determine the type of infection you have. It may be necessary for you to take antifungal tablets for 6 months. The tablets can have side effects such as headaches, loss of sense of taste, itching, feeling sick, and diarrhea. If you are pregnant and have certain conditions, you must not take them. These can damage your liver. Badly infected nails have to be taken out. This can be done through a small procedure while this area is numbed.

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