Understanding the Nigella Sativa as a Herbal Remedy


Nail fungal infections are common. They are caused by various microorganisms, the most common of which belong to the group known as dermatophytes. Yeasts and molds may also cause nail fungal infections. This fungal infection may affect any one of any age, but it is more prevalent among older adults since the nails become brittle and dry as people age. It’s the cracks in the nail that allows for fungus to enter. 

Some Symptoms 

The most common symptoms of a nail fungal infection include some changes in the nail’s appearance. The infected nail becomes thick, discolored with the nail turning whitish or yellow-brown, the nail becoming crumbly, ragged, and brittle, the nail also becoming distorted in shape and smelling bad. At times it may develop a dark color underneath the nail due to the accumulated debris. It is possible to feel pain from the infected area too.

Some Risk Factors

Some factors may increase the risk of developing a nail fungal infection. These include having diabetes, a blood circulation disorder, a weak immune system, walking barefoot in damp public areas like swimming pools, and having a history of athlete’s foot. 


It’s better to seek a clinical diagnosis before you look for a nail fungus treatment. Home care remedies can be given to mild cases. For the more severe ones, the doctor can prescribe oral and topical antifungal medications. Treatment may last for several months up to a year. A new form of treatment is also available which is laser surgery. This uses a special kind of light to remove the fungus. In cases where the fungal infection is hard to treat or is stubborn, the doctor may recommend a nail removal for a new nail to grow.

2All about Nigella Sativa

Nigella sativa is a black seed of flowering plants that is part of the Ranunculacea family. This is native to the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. However, this is now growing in areas like the Middle East, Europe, and India. These seeds have been used for centuries in treating health conditions like asthma, inflammation, and bronchitis. It has also been used traditionally as a spice and a flavoring agent in various preparations such as pickles, salads, sauces, yogurt, and bread. Nigelle Sativa is also known as black seed or black cumin. In Arabic, it is known as Habbatul Barakah and Tikur azmud in Amharic. Avicenna, a 10th-century physician who has become famous because of his book titled “The Canon of Medicine,” stated that these seeds are essential for improving body energy and providing recovery from fatigue and being dispirited. 

As an Antimicrobial

Due to the proliferation of microbial infections and bacteria that resist antimicrobial medications, there is currently a global aim to discover novel solutions that are based on natural elements like plants that are chosen based on its popular ethnomedicinal application. Among all these herbal plants, black cumin is a seed that exhibited potent antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic effects.

As an Antifungal

The essential oil of nigella sativa of different origins has been reported to exhibit moderate inhibition against dermatophytes, yeasts, and various types of fungi. The nigella sativa treatment targets the plasma membrane, cell wall, and membranous organelles. Furthermore, various extracts of nigella sativa showed antifungal activity against dermatophyte strains such as Microsporum gypseum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. These have been seen to exhibit superior effects than fluconazole but less than the effects of ketoconazole. In the same way, another study also revealed the active components of black cumin such as thymohydroquinone and thymol showed powerful antifungal effects against different fungal strains like dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds. Due to multiple antimicrobial effects, nigella sativa may be considered a natural food ingredient and preservative, protecting food items from spoilage.

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