Two Powerful Nail Fungus Remedies: Lemon Juice and Olive Oil


Nail fungus infection is a common condition of nails. There are many things that contribute to its spread such as a humid environment, walking barefoot in public places like shower rooms and swimming pools, wearing tight shoes the whole day, not changing one’s socks regularly, having athlete’s foot, regular damage to one’s nails, playing a lot of sports that enable your feet to be in a sweat for a prolonged period like running, and even using artificial nails.

4Lemon Juice As Home Remedy and Its Properties

Lemon juice has the natural properties that prevent fungus growth. That’s what makes it a great home remedy for nail fungus. Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic and antifungal. The citric acid which is found in lemon juice is what helps the fungus from thriving and spreading more. The acidic nature of natural lemon juice contributes a lot to its being a natural bleaching agent. It also helps relieve irritation and itching.

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