Turmeric: What Makes It a Good Antifungal Treatment?


Nail fungus may occur anytime, whether on fingernails or toenails. The medical term for this condition is Onychomycosis. The main cause of this infection is dermatophytes, a kind of yeast that tends to spread all over the whole nail structure. Toenail fungus infection is one of the most common nail-related issues that everyone is more likely to experience at least once in a lifetime, regardless of age. Even though, toenail fungus infection is not a serious health condition, it must be addressed accordingly. It may cause pain and total loss of the nail when left untreated.


Most of the people who suffer from toenail fungus infection also experience athlete’s foot. Nails that are infected become discolored. Your natural nails turn yellowish, whitish, or brownish. It also becomes thick and fragile or cracked in the long run. It also becomes misshapen.

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