Treatment Approaches on How to Deal with Toenail Fungus

foot soaking and healing

Toenail fungus can be handled in a variety of ways each having their own set of pros and cons that helps set them apart from each other. It is important to note that time is of the essence and taking too long to make a decision will have a huge effect on the overall success of your treatment moving forward. Let us look at some of the actions that you can take on how can I treat toenail fungus.

Examine the Condition of Your Toenail

The first thing that you will want to do is to assess the situation of your toenail fungus. It should be noted that the fungus can go through multiple stages of development becoming worse over time. If you were able to detect the toenail fungus early, there is a good chance that the infection has not done that much damage to your feet. During these cases, home remedies and over the counter medications like antifungal ointments and creams will be able to work their wonders.

Home remedies can be a good alternative if you are on a tight budget as they can provide good results in combatting the effects of the infection. This includes common household items such as Vicks vapor rub, Listerine, white vinegar, tea tree or oregano oil, garlic and the likes.

Seek Professional Help with Severe Toenail Fungus

We mentioned earlier, how toenail fungus can change as the infection progresses resulting in a severe toenail. One will be able to tell if the fungal infection is severe with the pain and discomfort that it brings. Back then, the early stages of toenail fungus may allow patients to wear shoes or cover them as they only bring a minor annoyance. Severe toenail fungus, however, can be a debilitating condition as it can have a huge effect with our mobility with walking, running or jumping. This in turn can impede us from completing our day to day tasks in an effective manner.

Severe cases of toenail fungus will require help from a professional as home remedies and over the counter medications will not work any longer. Patients will need a more intensive procedure to effectively remove the fungus out of their toenails like laser treatment or nail surgery which can only be performed under the guidance of a professional.

Post Care and Follow up Visits Matter

Having the fungus gone from your system can be a very pleasant sight and experience. With that being said, you must avoid feeling overconfident and at ease as the battle for toenail fungus will go on. This is because there is always a risk for the fungus to come back and inhabit your toenails in the future. For that matter, make sure that you are following your doctor’s advice on how to take care of your feet to keep them in good shape. Follow up visits are also important as this helps give you a good amount of overview on what to expect with regards to the overall condition of your toenails.


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