Toenail fungus is difficult to remove. It takes patience and perseverance in treating it to make it disappear for good. If you have been treating it for a while, it’s likely that you have already heard of the many options for home remedies such as essential oils, vinegar, and baking soda.

It takes months to eliminate a toenail fungus infection. The common of most treatments is that they are not able to penetrate deep enough to fight off the fungus infection. Another problem is that the fungal spores easily spread to all other surrounding toenails. This makes it challenging to localize the treatment.


One of the home remedies often brought up when toenail fungus is discussed is cornmeal which has been used for a long time to get rid of the black-spot fungal disease that affects roses. It’s an indication that cornmeal has some sort of antifungal properties.

Horticultural cornmeal is not only a great source of help for treating fungal problems. It is also a great source of organic matter and nutrients. Trichoderma fungus, which cornmeal has, abundantly kills off other disease-causing fungi in only a matter of weeks.

Cornmeal is an ingredient for making Johnnycakes (cornmeal pancakes), cornbread, cornmeal biscotti, cornmeal battered fish, and many bread and pastries. Cornmeal is from dried maize and has been used in many cultures for cooking. It was first cultivated in Mexico more than 10,000 years ago. It has been known to have antifungal properties; and in theory, it means that cornmeal can penetrate the nail and eliminate the onychomycosis fungus.

There is no published scientific research on its efficacy against fungal infections, but there are many anecdotal evidences.

Cornmeal’s Antifungal Properties

Cornmeal is believed to contain natural anti-fungal properties just like tea tree oil. This substance has been used by many gardeners to get rid of the unwanted fungus that thrives in flowerbeds and lawns. In the same way, it can fight toenail fungus that well.

Several advocates claim that cornmeal mush helps to lessen the pain and discomfort caused by toenail fungus. When it is used extensively, it is said to be able to penetrate the nail and get rid of the fungus directly.

3Reasons for People to Use Cornmeal as Toenail Fungus Treatment

There are multiple reasons why people are happy to use cornmeal as a toenail fungus treatment. First of all, it is affordable and easy to find. You can buy it from any store. It is also safe to use for treating toenail fungus. It does not include any risk of irritating or damaging your skin. Cornmeal is also harmless and non-toxic as a food product.

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