Treating Nail Fungus with Geranium Oil


Geranium oil is one of the essential oils that can be used for treating toenail fungus infections. These essential oils come from herbs and spices that are known to have potent antifungal and antimicrobial particles. Through these properties, these essential oils can fight the growth of specific pathogens that could be harmful to human health. These essential oils don’t produce the same side effects as the regular medications that include synthetic ingredients to fight off bacteria and fungi. This is why they have become more popular in terms of eliminating bacteria and fungi. Essential oils can help a lot to clear up infections like those caused by nail fungus.

6What is a nail fungus infection?

Nail fungus infection or onychomycosis which is also called tinea unguium is a common condition that affects toenails more than fingernails. It is also more prevalent among older people. The infection causes the nail to thicken, become whitish or yellowish, and crumbly. When it gets worse, the nail can lift off from the nail bed, and it can be painful. Medication usually is effective in clearing the infection, but the medication has to be taken for several weeks.

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