Treating Nail Fungus Infection with Mustard Oil


Fungal nail infection is caused by the growth and spread of fungus in and around your toenail or fingernail. It is more prevalent among older people and those who have medical conditions that wreak havoc on the immune system like diabetes or cause blood circulation problems. Fungus thrives on the dead tissues of your skin, hair, and nails. The most common fungal infections are jock itch, ringworm which can affect the skin of the head and body, and athlete’s foot.

7How do you get infected?

Fungus thrives in an environment that is dark, warm, and moist. Blunt force or any kind of repetitive trauma to the nail or the feet may weaken the structure of the nail, which makes it highly vulnerable to toenail fungus. Adult people who frequently have their feet in a wet environment are likely to suffer from nail fungus infection.

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