Treating Nail Fungal Infections with Orange and Lemon Oil Blend


Nail fungal infections are common infections that affect the fingernails and toenails. This condition is characterized by thickened and discolored nails that can easily crack or break. This infection is more prevalent on toenails than fingernails. The technical term for this is onychomycosis.

5What causes toenail fungal infections?

Fungi are tiny organisms that can only be seen by using a microscope. Many types of organisms can cause nail infections. Sometimes they thrive on one’s skin and don’t cause any kind of trouble. However, if there are many in one area, it is likely for you to get infected. The most common of these fungi are the dermatophytes, but yeast and molds can also cause nail fungus infections. It’s not embarrassing to have this condition since it is more common than you expect.

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