Treating Fungal Infections and Other Conditions with the Burdock Plant


Onychomycosis is the medical name that pertains to the fungal infection of the toenails and fingernails. This may involve any unit of the nail system such as the nail bed, nail plate, and matrix. This condition can cause pain, discomfort, and most of the time disfigurement of the nail. When left unattended, this condition may lead to some limitations physically. Toenail fungus infections affect 10 percent of the population, 20 percent of those who are 60, and 50 percent of those who are 70.

6How You Can Incur Nail Fungus

Fungal nail infections may be caused by several types of fungi including yeasts and molds that naturally thrive in the environment. They get in through small cracks and cuts in the nail and surrounding skin and spread, causing an infection. The fungus often thrives naturally in the body. They only cause problems when they overgrow.

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