Treating a Toenail Fungus Using Water Therapy Approach


It should be noted that water is known to be make toenail fungus and their symptoms worse. The reason behind this is that moist and damp create the ideal environment for fungus to thrive. This is the reason why people are taking the necessary measures in order to keep their feet dry at all times. With that being said, water can be used in a therapeutic way to help eliminate fungus while at the same time, stop their spread. Let us look at what to soak feet in for toenail fungus.

2Hot Water

Water is an essential tool in helping clean nail fungus however, this alone is not enough to kill the bacteria around them. Using Epsom salt in tandem with hot water are known to help draw out the infection while also aid in boosting the medications that you are using. In addition, this provides a long-term effect as it makes your feet less inviting for fungus to thrive making it a worthwhile activity to invest in.

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