Treat Nail Fungal Infection with Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar


Fungal nail infection is a type of infection when the fungus attacks the fingernails, toenails, or nail beds. The fungus can attack the nails by way of cracks in the skin that surrounds the nail or perhaps from any space between the nail and the nail bed. For a healthy person, the infection may not bring serious concerns.

Major Causes

The two major causes of fungus infections on the skin and nails are dermatophytes and yeasts. Yeast infections are caused by an organism called Candida albicans. This organism stays within the body quietly, but when it multiplies too much it can cause a yeast infection. Yeast infections may cause a red and itchy rash that occasionally leaks fluid. This can cause pain and swelling in the area. In the long run, this may also cause the nail to lift from the nail bed.

Dermatophytes are fungi that thrive in dead tissues like dead skin cells and nails. Dermatophyte infections are called tinea. This type of skin infection causes a round scaly rash and at times this may include blisters.

Usual Symptoms

treating nail fungus with Hydrogen Peroxide with Vinegar

Symptoms of nail fungal infections develop over time. An infected nail may become yellow, white, or brown. It can also become thicker. It may also crumble or split or set off the skin. It may not necessarily be painful, but over time, it can become painful and uncomfortable to wear shoes, walk, or stand. The fungus can spread to other nails and even to other parts of the body like the fingernails.


It may take a long time for the nail fungal infection to heal. It may require you to look for various treatments to find out what works best. Even when a chosen nail fungus treatment works, the nail can be infected again. Treatment often includes the use of antifungal medication. You may opt for over-the-counter medications that can be in the form of cream, nail polish, or lotion. Your doctor may also prescribe a more potent antifungal medicine to put on your nails. Antifungal pills can give you the best chance to be free from nail fungus infection. These pills may be expensive and cause side effects. It may also be necessary for you to consult with your doctor for regular testing while you are taking these prescribed antifungal pills. If the nail infection has become severe or if it has been recurring, the doctor may suggest a complete nail removal.

1Other Uses and Benefits of Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

White vinegar is known for its extraordinary application in various kitchen dishes. It is a popular kitchen staple and can be used for salads, pickles, marinades, sauces, baking, as well as cheesemaking. It also has a lot of great health benefits such as blood sugar level control, weight maintenance, reduced cholesterol level, and has antimicrobial properties. White vinegar also has multiple household applications. Due to the vinegar’s antimicrobial properties, it can be used as a reliable disinfectant and cleaner for various appliances and surfaces. White vinegar can be used to clean toilets, countertops, floors, windows, mirrors, dishes, laundry, and many others.

Hydrogen peroxide is used as a mild antiseptic for the skin to prevent infections of scrapes, burns, and wounds. It can also be used as a mouth rinse that can eliminate mucus or resolve minor mouth irritations like gingivitis and canker sores or cold sores. If your ear is clogged with earwax, you may soften it with the help of a few drops of hydrogen peroxide using an eyedropper. After a day or two, rinse it with warm water using a rubber ball syringe. Hydrogen peroxide is also used to dye the hair. Just be careful to follow the instructions on the product label to be safe. This is particularly true for those products that have a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide since it may burn the scalp and skin. It is also a popular ingredient of multiple ointments and creams that can eliminate pimples. It has the same effect as benzoyl peroxide, which is the main ingredient of anti-acne products. It’s important to consult with your doctor first before you start using it. Hydrogen peroxide is also known to help fight off cancer and other diseases.

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