Toenail Fungus Buster: Chaparral and Whiskey Foot Soak


The toenail fungus infection is a common infection that affects fingernails and toenails. The fungus makes the nails discolored, thick, and are likely to crumble. The nail fungus infection is known technically as onychomycosis. The condition is usually not painful unless it becomes severe. It is said that toenail fungus infection often starts with an athlete’s foot or a fungal skin infection on the foot, particularly on the spaces between the toes.

Fungal nail infections take time before they are eliminated. They don’t usually just go away even with the aid of antifungal treatment. The best nail fungus treatment often advised by a physician is a prescription antifungal pill. When the condition is severe, the physician may remove the infected nail completely. For treatment, topical antifungal agents are often recommended, but they may not be effective. Oral terbinafine is often the first line of treatment. These may have side effects. That is why most people look for home remedies.


Chaparral is an herb that has been used as medical treatment traditionally. It is also called the creosote bush due to its strong smell which resembles the creosote. Its scientific name is larrea divaricata. This herb often grows in the desert areas of Northern Mexico and the Southern United States, including the arid areas of South America, like Argentine and Bolivia. The bush grows up to 6 meters and it has dark green leaves and yellow flowers.

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