Thyme & Lavender Oil for Toenail Fungal Infections


A nail fungus infection takes place when a fungus infects the fingernails, toenails, or the skin under the nails which is known as the nail bed. Fungi will be able to attack the nail through small cuts in the surrounding skin of your nail or through that opening between the nail and the nail bed. A toenail fungal infection may not be a serious problem when you are healthy, but it can appear problematic, painful, and cause damage to your nail and the nail bed. This can cause more serious problems when you have diabetes or a weakened immune system.

6What causes the nail fungus infection?

Nail fungal infections are caused by yeast, molds, and various kinds of fungi. Most of these are caused by the same kind of fungus that brings you athlete’s foot. Fungi thrive well in dark, warm, and moist environments, and these can spread from one person to another. You may get infected by walking barefoot in damp public areas like pools, gyms, and locker rooms or by sharing personal items such as nail clippers and towels. When you have an athlete’s foot, you can easily have nail fungus infections.

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