Things to Consider When Dealing with Black Toenail


A discoloured toenail can be a very good indicating factor that there is a problem with your toes. Toenail fungus is often the culprit which can turn nails yellow or white while at the same time, also affect their shape and form. The colour black, however, is not that common making it important to have a different approach with their treatment. Let us look at some of the factors that you will want to look into on how to get rid of a black toenail fungus.

Avoid Jumping to Conclusion 

A common misconception people have with a toenail that is discoloured is that they need to be addressed right away. This, however, is not entirely true as this can be a result of a variety of issues. Fungal infections are not only the reasons why a toenail can turn black. This can include other noteworthy reasons such as repetitive trauma, blunt force, melanoma or pigmentation changes. Aside from that, a black toenail can also emerge from patients who have medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and anemia. 

Don’t Rush Things Out

Rushing treatment without knowing the cause of your black toenail is not advised as this can be a very costly mistake. The reason behind this is that there is a huge likelihood that you are getting the incorrect medication making you spend a fair amount of time and resources without having the results that you desire. There are plenty of toenail fungus medications that are available out there in the market which you can easily acquire but don’t get tempted to buy them without fully knowing the cause of your black toenail first. 

Find the Appropriate Treatment

The repetitive trauma and blunt force which we mentioned earlier that leads to black toenail is usually not a cause for concern. This is because the nails will grow out naturally over time without the need for any type of treatment. On the other hand, if the nail discolouration is a result of an underlying medical condition, getting in touch with a toenail fungus doctor will become fruitless. They don’t have the knowledge, experience and tools to treat the case making it a good idea to skip the appointment. 

Reduce the Risk of Black Toenail

It is important to remember that black toenails once healed can come back at a later date if the patient is not careful. Regardless of what the cause of your black toenails are, you must take the necessary measures to keep your feet safe and secured. For instance, if you decide to get out in the sun while wearing slippers, it is a good idea to invest in sunblock to help protect your feet while at the same time, minimize your exposure to UV rays. 

If your black toenail is a result of trauma, then you may want to wear properly fitted shoes to help give your feet a breather. The same can also be said with regards to work, going to the gym or using a public shower as you will also need to get the proper footwear. 


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