The Kunu Drink: What Makes It a Superb Health Drink


Most people don’t realize that they have a nail issue. This means that they also don’t seek nail fungus treatment. But nail fungal infections are a common nail disorder. It can occur in a person for years without causing pain. This nail disease is characterized by a change in its color and not just a blemish. Nail infection may cause several problems when it is left untreated.

This condition is also known as onychomycosis. Fungal nails are infections that occur underneath the nail surface. It may penetrate the nail as it gets severe. This is often accompanied by a second bacterial or yeast infection which occurs in or about the nail plate. This may result in difficulty in walking, running, or even just wearing shoes. Some of its common symptoms include brittleness, thickening, loosening, discoloration, and nail crumbling.

A group of fungi called dermatophytes may easily attack the nails. They are sustained by keratin, which is the nail’s substance. In some cases, such microorganisms stick on, making the nail thicker, darker, or yellowish-brown, and also foul-smelling. Debris may also accumulate under the nail plate, and white marks may appear on the nail plate at times. Nail infection may also spread to other fingernails, toenails, and even the skin.

Those who suffer from diabetes, immune-deficiency conditions, and blood circulation conditions are more susceptible to a nail fungal infection. An athlete’s foot and excessive sweating may also lead to this nail disorder.

A nail fungus treatment depends on the type of microorganism that caused the infection and its level of severity. Typically, a doctor or podiatrist will prescribe an oral or topical antifungal medication. The nail and the debris underneath it may also be removed. This is a process called debridement. It would be wise to consult a physician before you start taking any medication.

2All about the Kunu Drink

The kunu drink has no English name. In Africa, it goes by many names such as kunu aya, kunu tsamiya, and others. It is a northern non-alcoholic drink that is enjoyed all over Nigeria and West Africa. You can find different types of the kunu aya drink. This differs according to the ingredients and recipes followed for preparing this. This drink is health and safe to drink.

The different types of kunu drink are the following: kunu aya which is from tiger nuts; kunu tsamiya which is from tamarind and gero; kunu zaki is from millet and ginger; and kunu gyada is from rice.

Kunu is also spelled kunun, and it is known to have numerous health and medicinal benefits, not to mention its high nutritional value. The main ingredients required in making a kunu drink include the following: 3 cups millet, 1 medium-sized potato, 1 tablespoon cloves, 2 medium-sized ginger, sugar, and water.

As an Antimicrobial

The kunu drink has shown potent antifungal activities, indicating its powerful potential as a protective culture to prevent the growth of fungus and mycotoxin accumulation. This is because of the drink’s lactic acid bacteria content. Moreover, this fermented drink is also added with spices that have medicinal properties such as red pepper, ginger, black pepper, sugar, and cloves.

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