The Great Healer: Evening Primrose Oil


Nail fungal infections are also called dermatophyte onychomycosis or tinea unguium. The fungus that causes it is similar to what causes athlete’s foot. The fungi that spread from athlete’s foot also known as dermatophyte fungi are the cause of the majority of nail fungal infections. In more seldom cases, the nail infection is caused by molds and yeasts. Other fungi tend to attack nails that are already damaged because these are easier for fungus to invade. 

Toenail fungal infections are more common than fingernail fungal infections. These infections are often observed in the male elderly and those who suffer from diabetes, poor blood circulation, and weakened immune systems. Warm and moist environments help fungi to grow and spread, causing an infection. Wearing inappropriate footwear or using public pools, shower stalls, and locker rooms may increase the risk of fungal infections.


Usually, there are no symptoms at the start. Later the nails tend to become thick and hard to trim particularly when they are pressed into the inside of the shoes. They can be hard to trim. An abnormal nail may cause problems with socks and tights. It is possible for it to cut the adjacent skin. 

Nail Appearance

The infected areas of the nail become white or yellow. They also become thick and crumbly. In less common cases, you will find white areas on the surface of the nails. The nails that are often infected by nail fungus are the big and small toes. 


In some cases, people don’t treat toenail fungal infections. When nail fungal infections become embarrassing and uncomfortable to people who have them, treatments are often sought. A nail fungus treatment can be taken by mouth or applied topically. Treating the infection may last for a year, and there is a chance of recurrence. Other forms of treatment include laser treatment and the use of herbal remedies.


Evening primrose oil is often recommended by natural health sites to those who are trying to get pregnant. This is because the GLA in this oil enhances the quality of the cervical mucus and eggs just like all other omega fatty acids. 

A more recent study revealed that this oil can treat PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome which usually prevents pregnancy. 

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