The Great African Drink Fura Da Nono and Its Multiple Health Benefits


Toenail fungus is also called tinea unguium or onychomycosis. It is a fungal infection that affects the toenails and fingernails. This condition may begin with discoloration on the nail’s tip, often yellow. The infected nails often become thicker, and darker, and may crumble at the edges.


The following are the most common symptoms of nail fungus infection: nail darkening, nail thickening, nail distortion, lackluster nails, pain from the infected nails, the nail becoming brittle, crumbly, and ragged, and foul odor coming from the nails. In some cases of infection, the nail may separate from the skin. This condition is scientifically known as onycholysis. This is usually painless and can be treated at the root.


Three types of fungus can cause toenails and fingernails to become infected. These are yeasts, molds, and dermatophytes. When caused by yeast, the nail infection becomes white while a mold infection makes the nail dull brown. A dermatophyte usually makes the nail yellow. The different causes of nail infection also require different treatments.

When Left Untreated, What Could Happen?

Several risk factors may appear when the nail fungal infection is left untreated. It may lead to widespread infection or cellulitis, the spread of the fungus causing jock itch or athlete’s foot, or avulsion of loss of nails. The infected nail may also make it painful to walk or wear shoes.


Once you notice some symptoms of nail fungus, it would be better to seek the advice of a professional. Most often, a topical or oral antifungal will be recommended. Laser treatment is also another form of nail fungus treatment that can be done to get rid of nail fungus. When the infection becomes severe, the doctor may recommend toenail surgery. The infected nail may be removed to allow direct treatment of the nail bed.

1All about the Fura da Nono

Fura da nono is one of the most popular drinks in Nigeria. The drink is from the northern part of Africa. But today, it is enjoyed in almost the entire African continent and even beyond its borders. Fura da nono is the local kind of gruel made from millet balls or fura and cow’s milk or nono. This is fermented milk, and it is thick. Fura da nono is sweet and it is often preferred over yogurt.

Fura da nono is a great drink not only for its taste but for its health benefits. It is made with no chemical processing. This only means that the minerals from the millet and milk are left intact. Millet is a healthy grain. It contains multiple minerals such as manganese, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, and others. It is also loaded with lots of vitamins. The nono is taken straight from grass-fed cows which means that the nutrients are not reduced in any way. This fresh milk is rich in vitamin D, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B12, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and protein. Fresh milk is also known for being rich in omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid.

As an Antimicrobial

Fura da nono has been investigated in a study and observed to have antimicrobial properties which support the claim of this drink’s being medicinal. The fura da nono in ready-to-drink form can minimize the risk of bacterial infections or intoxication. The self-sanitizing role of fura da nono is attributed to its acid PH 3.9 to 5.6, its volatile oils, various fermentation products with antimicrobial activities, and acids coming from its spice content such as ginger, tamarind, and black pepper.

Other Health Benefits

The following are some of the best health benefits of fura da nono:

It reduces cholesterol levels.

This drink is loaded with vitamin B3, which can reduce the body’s bad cholesterol (LDL). bad cholesterol has been associated with heart diseases. It’s unfortunate that we eat numerous foods that can contribute to its rise. With vitamin B3 in fura da nono, the bad cholesterol is lowered as the good cholesterol is increased.

It prevents gallstones.

Gallstones are small objects that are usually formed in the gall bladder. Consuming fura da nono has been observed to help prevent the prevention of gallstones in women primarily because it is rich in soluble fiber.

It helps increase your fertility level.

Fat-filled yogurt milk like fura da nono may help increase your fertility level. Consuming more plant-based proteins can increase your chances of getting pregnant compared to consuming animal-based proteins. Fura is made using millet rice which comes from plants. The B vitamins, protein, and fat found in fura da nono help to improve fertility. This fermented drink may improve the sperm count and libido in men. At the same time, it also aids erection.

It promotes digestive health and prevents constipation.

This healthy drink may promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation due to its alkaline nature. It’s the alkaline that enables the body to retain its healthy pH levels, which support digestion, mood, weight loss, and skin tone. This is the exact opposite of an acid-based diet that is considered the culprit behind heart diseases, kidney stones, osteoporosis, and kidney stones.

It helps prevent migraines and heart attacks.

Millet is loaded with magnesium which helps reduce the ill effects of heart attacks and migraines. Magnesium has been proven in studies to aid in reducing the severity of asthma and the frequency of migraine attacks. Moreover, magnesium has also been established to reduce high blood pressure and bring down the risk of heart attacks. This is particularly true in people who have atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease.

It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Drinking fura da nono reduces the risk of getting sick with type 2 diabetes. This is primarily because of its millet content. Millet is loaded with magnesium, which is significant in the prevention and management of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is rooted in a lack of magnesium, and that’s how fura da nono can help with this condition.

It helps support brain health.

Fura da nono is rich in B vitamins which help promote a healthy sleep cycle and nourish the nerves. Vitamin B12, particularly, may help boost one’s memory, sharpness, and cognitive abilities. Drinking fura da nono is truly essential to a growing child’s brain development.

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