The Different Toenail Fungus Treatments That You Can Find Today


Toenail fungus does not usually heal on its own. These issues often require intervention for their patients for them to be properly removed. Fortunately, treatment has greatly expanded giving people more options than ever before. This in turn makes toenail fungus treatment flexible as it can accommodate the needs and preferences of many. Let us look at the different options that are available on how to clear toenail fungus.

Home Treatment and Nonprescription Options

Any type of treatment starts at home and the same principle can also be applied with toenail fungus. Treating them at home offers a lot of incentives such as accessibility. Furthermore, they also cost less when compared to other alternatives. You can use common items found at homes such as a menthol rub, essential oil extracts or mouthwash. There are antifungal creams, gels, as well as a nail polish for nonprescription options, which you can easily buy over the internet. The efficacy rate, however, is not guaranteed especially if the fungus has developed in its late stages which you need to keep in mind.  

Prescription Medications 

As mentioned earlier, the effectiveness of home treatment can vary depending on the patient. There are instances where the nonprescription option is not giving you the best results that you need. During such cases, you may want to consider replacing them from the ones that are prescribed by a toenail fungus doctor. Prescription nail polish and creams have a more potent effect making it work faster as a result. 

Another option is to take antifungal pills that you can take but these will require strict supervision from your health care provider. The reason behind this is that antifungal drugs often come with their fair share of side effects that you should not take lightly or for granted. Among the list that comes to mind include nausea, vomiting, as well as headaches. The medication may also cause damage to your liver making it important to follow their proper dosage to avoid complications.

Nail Removal and Laser

Those who want a more straightforward approach with their toenail fungus treatment will be able to find just that in the form of nail removal and laser treatment. A toenail fungus doctor may advise their patients to have the nail removed if the infection is deep and has been there for a long time. There is no need to fret as a new nail will usually grow back but it can take a year or so for them to fully develop. 

Some patients are suffering from severe toenail fungus but do not want to have their nails removed. During such cases, they want to consider the use of a targeted laser. The laser procedure will destroy the fungus stopping it from spreading while at the same time not harm the other areas of your feet. The treatment is considered to be quite expensive making it a good idea to prepare for this in advance. This is important especially since laser treatment is not usually covered by any type of insurance. Don’t delay and have your toenail fungus treated today!

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