The Cause and Effect of Yellow Toenails


Our toenails go through a number of ordeals with it being used on a regular basis. Since it is located at the lower part of our body, people may take them lightly or for granted. Doing so increases the likelihood of developing a variety of issues that can make it troublesome for our feet to function normally. One of these problems can be found in the form of yellow toenails. Let us look at what how this condition develops and determine if it is a cause for concern.

3List of Contributing Factors

Yellow toenails can be a result to a number of factors each with their own unique features that sets them apart from each other. This in turn makes it important to determine what the cause of your yellow toenails and apply the necessary treatment in a timely manner. Among the list the comes to mind include: age, nail polish, medical condition and infection.

It should be noted that as we grow older people are more likely to develop yellow toenails and fingernails resulting to a change of not only with their color but also with their thickness and shape. People can also get their toenails turn yellowish through frequent use of nail polish which can go away by taking a break from painting them. Both of these yellow toenail conditions are considered to be safe as they don’t pose any harm to their patients.

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