The Best Benefits of Vitex or Chasteberry


The appearance of a nail fungal infection depends on the type of fungus that causes it. There are various types of fungi. And the most common fungi that cause the infection belong to the group known as dermatophytes. These are found on the skin, hair, and nails. The nail infection may appear as spots or white chalky streaks on the nail. When the infection is more advanced, it may appear brown or yellow with thick and chalky debris underneath the nail. The nails become crumbly when they are cut.

How do you acquire this?

Fungal infections develop easily in dark, moist, and warm environments. The nail structure may also be weakened by blunt trauma to the toe or its nail, which makes it more vulnerable to fungal infection.

Among healthy people, fungal infections are often brought about by a fungus that spreads because the toes or fingers are constantly exposed to a moist environment. This includes the environment inside wet socks and shoes and the surroundings of public swimming pools and changing rooms.

Individuals who are elderly and have underlying conditions are of higher risk. Such conditions include the following: diabetes, cancer, and psoriasis. Immunosuppressant medications like methotrexate and steroids may have an increased risk of fungal infection.

How long is the treatment of a nail fungal infection?

The result of the treatment will be seen once the nail becomes fully grown from the base to the tip. This takes 12 to 18 months in adults and 6 to 12 months in children.

There are various types of antifungal medications. A range of oral nail fungus treatment options is available for the nails. Often the podiatrist will advise on the most appropriate medication to use for nail fungal infection.

Topical creams, ointments, and solutions are also available for treating nail fungal infections.

Laser therapy is a new form of nail fungal treatment. Heat is generated underneath the nail plate to eliminate the fungus.

1Uses of Chasteberry

Vitex is known historically for treating various female conditions. The term “chaste tree” is from the traditional belief that it could suppress libido. In today’s herbal medicine, vitex is used for the following conditions: female infertility, menopausal symptoms, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

More large-scale clinical trials are needed to establish the health impact of chaste berry. Vitex has been marketed for managing acne, benign prostatic hyperplasia, joint conditions, fibrocystic breast disease, and migraines.

Other Health Benefits

Apart from the aforementioned uses of vitex, it is also known for the following health benefits:

Reduces symptoms of menopause

There are various symptoms of menopause such as pelvic discomfort, hot flashes, mood swings, and interrupted sleep, which may be balanced by the compounds of vitex. In a recent study, 23 women who had menopause symptoms and took vitex for three months experienced improved sleep quality and better moods. Another study involving 52 women who used vitex as a supplement showed that 33 percent exhibited major improvements and 36 percent also showed moderate improvements.

Premenstrual syndrome relief

The most popular benefit of vitex is its capacity to provide relief from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is popularly known to reduce the hormone prolactin which helps in balancing the hormones progesterone and estrogen. In a study, about 93 percent of women who took vitex as a supplement for three consecutive months reported experiencing improved PMS symptoms like the following: premenstrual acne, pelvic discomfort, cravings, and premenstrual acne.

Relief from headaches and migraines

It is widely known that a large percentage of women suffer from headaches and migraines linked with hormonal changes during menstruation. Recent clinical trials showed that vitex can provide substantial relief. In one study, 42 percent of women who experienced regular PMS migraines said that they experienced a 66 percent reduction in terms of headaches after taking the vitex supplement for three months.

Improves breastfeeding

In Europe, vitex is known as one of the most popular natural remedies to improve lactation. In a highly acknowledged German study, results revealed that moms who took a controlled amount of vitex supplement every day reported an increased amount of milk produced compared to those moms who did not. However, vitex must not be consumed during the period of pregnancy.

Helps address breast tenderness

Vitex is known to address easing cyclic breast tenderness which is often associated with menstruation. This condition is also called cyclic mastalgia. This comes and goes along with the menstrual cycle. Breast tenderness usually occurs during ovulation due to the high levels of the hormone prolactin. A 1999 study revealed that 50 percent of women experienced decreased breast tenderness after taking vitex supplements for three menstrual cycles.

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