Tea Tree Oil for Treating Nail Fungus


Nail fungus infections are common. Toenail fungus infection is also called onychomycosis. It is described as an invasion of a microscopic organism that flourishes in a damp and warm environment. Fungal spores are found in the air. They will flourish when they land on a surface that is conducive to their growth. They grow through the skin tissues as they burrow into the skin under the nail. After some time, the nail becomes thick, and it may lift off from the nail bed since the fungal debris also known as keratin debris piles up. Nail fungus infections may not be serious, but they may still cause pain and inhibit some actions. It also takes time to treat this condition.

8Types of Nail Fungus Treatments

There are various treatments for nail fungus infections, and they may vary in cost and effectiveness. For it to be fully effective, the antifungal drug has to penetrate the nail and at times the nail bed too. The following are the usual types of medications used for nail fungus infection: prescription topical treatments, over-the-counter products, and oral medications. However, there are also home remedies that can be used on nail fungus infections particularly for mild to moderate conditions. One of these remedies is tea tree oil.

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