Symptoms That You Should Not Ignore with Toenail Fungus


Toenail fungus develops slowly expanding their reach over time. Early detection will play a very important role in dealing with the condition. This is the reason why many find it important to find fungal problems as early as possible. Toenail fungus is not as subtle as one may believe as there are key factors that come into play with their development. Let us help answer the question on how can you tell if you have toenail fungus.

3The Look and Smell

As mentioned earlier, toenail fungus does not evolve overnight but instead will take a fair amount of time for them to become an issue. The appearance is one of the first things that you will notice when a fungal infection is happening. The toenail can become thickened and distorted in shape. Discolouration may also occur resulting in a whitish or yellow to brown toenails. Their overall integrity may also be compromised leading to brittle, crumbly or ragged toenails. Last but not least is the foul odour that it emits separating themselves from the nail bed. 

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