Sunlight as a Nail Fungus Cure


Fungal nail infection is a common infection that takes place on the nails, and this can make your nails brittle, misshapen, and discolored. It often affects the toenails compared to the fingernails. The formal name for this type of infection is onychomycosis. This infection is much like an athlete’s foot, but instead of infecting the skin on the bottom of the feet or the skin in between the toes, it affects the nails. Fungi are those tiny organisms that can be seen through the use of a microscope. Various types of fungi can cause a nail infection.

4Most Common Symptoms

Nail fungal infections vary depending on the type of nail fungal infection. It can start mild and become severe in the long run. The first sign is to find a yellow or white spot underneath the nail. This may spread in time and make the nail yellow, white, green, or black. The nail may be thick and hard to clip. It is possible for the nail to curl up or down and loosen from the nail bed. It may become brittle and crumbly to your touch. The nail may become misshapen and at times it may give off a bad odor. When you leave the infection on its own, this may result in pain in the infected area. It may even be difficult to walk because of the pain.

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