A lot of changes can happen to our fingernails and toenails that may make people think that they have the condition known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium. Any abnormality of the nails may be caused by several factors including fungal infections.

9Causes and Risk Factors

Among normal and healthy people, nail fungal infections are commonly caused by a fungus that spreads in warm and moist areas, the most common type of which are dermatophytes. The common sources of this are communal showers, gyms, and swimming pools as well as going to nail salons that don’t have proper sanitation for their tools such as clippers, foot tubs, and filers. You are at high risk when you live with someone who has nail fungus. Athletes are more prone to this also because of the prolonged wearing of tight-fitting shoes.

Elderly people who suffer from any underlying disease are also at a higher risk. Anything that compromises your immune system can make you more vulnerable to nail fungus. These may be medical conditions like cancer, AIDS, diabetes, or psoriasis.

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