Rubbing Alcohol to Treat Nail Fungus Infections


Nail fungus infection is stubborn, and it is quite difficult to treat. This infection affects both the toenails and fingernails. Its scientific name is onychomycosis. Fungi grow in an environment that is frequently moist and with poor air circulation and consistent warmth. Nails offer the best environment for microbial growth. Everyone is susceptible to getting nail fungus infection even those who are conscious of their hygiene and those who practice precautions. Toenail fungus infections are known as a cosmetic concern, but some patients do experience pain and some form of discomfort.

5Risk Factors for Getting Infected

Certain factors enhance the risk of getting infected. These include being of advanced age, with blood circulation problems, weakened immune system, profuse sweating consistently, a history of athlete’s foot, incurring a minor skin or nail injury or a skin condition like psoriasis, having diabetes, and walking barefoot in damp communal settings like public swimming pools, shower rooms, and gyms.

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