Rubbing Alcohol to Treat Nail Fungus Infections


Nail fungus infection is stubborn, and it is quite difficult to treat. This infection affects both the toenails and fingernails. Its scientific name is onychomycosis. Fungi grow in an environment that is frequently moist and with poor air circulation and consistent warmth. Nails offer the best environment for microbial growth. Everyone is susceptible to getting nail fungus infection even those who are conscious of their hygiene and those who practice precautions. Toenail fungus infections are known as a cosmetic concern, but some patients do experience pain and some form of discomfort.

6Common Symptoms

Symptoms differ depending on the type of fungus that causes the nail fungus infection. It may usually start mild and become serious in the end. In the beginning, you may notice a white or yellow spot underneath the nail. This can spread over time, and make the entire nail white, yellow, black, and green. The infected nail may become thick and difficult to trim. The nail may start to curl up or down as it starts to loosen from the nail bed. The nail may also become brittle and crumbly to the touch. It becomes misshapen and may start giving off a bad smell. It’s highly probable to ignore the infection at first, but as the infection worsens it may cause pain and discomfort.

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