Relieving Nail Fungus Infection through Lemon Grass Oil


Toenail fungus infection is quite common, and it is a condition that often begins with a yellowish or whitish spot that can be seen underneath the nail. This condition may first appear to be harmful but as time goes by and it is left untreated, it can become painful. Toes are more prone to this fungus because it is warm and moist. Those corners of your toenails can give shelter to fungus and yeast. If the fungal infection is left untreated, it may spread to the other toenails and even the skin surrounding them. The infected nail becomes thicker, color changes, and appears mishappen. It all starts from a white dot, but without treatment, it may cause the nail to dislodge completely from the nail bed. The nail also becomes weak and crumbly. That is why it is important to commence treatment before the condition worsens and the nail is lost.

lemon grass oil for nail fungus

4What are some medical treatments?

The most common medications that physicians recommend are oral antifungal pills which help a new healthy nail to grow, replacing the infected one. This drug has to be taken for six to twelve weeks. Another form of treatment is the use of medicated nail polish and medicated nail cream. For worse conditions, surgery may be advised by the doctor or laser therapy, to remove the infected nail completely.

The main concern behind the use of these medications is their side effects. It’s a good thing that there are alternative home remedies that don’t have any side effects. One of these remedies is lemon grass oil.

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