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A nail fungal infection occurs when a fungus attacks a toenail, fingernail, or the skin underneath the nail also known as the nail bed. Fungi may attack the nails by way of small cuts in the skin surrounding the nails or through the opening in between the nail and the nail bed. When you are in the pink of health, this won’t be a serious concern to you. However, this may look bad, hurt, or even damage your nail and nail bed. Nail fungal infections could lead to more serious conditions when a person has diabetes, a weak immune system, and blood circulation issues.

6What causes a nail fungal infection?

Molds, yeasts, and various types of fungi can cause nail fungal infections. In most cases, nail infections are caused by fungi that bring you athlete’s foot. These are known as dermatophytes. Fungi grow in warm and moist places, and they can spread from one person to another. You may become infected by walking barefoot in damp public places like pools and sharing personal items like nail clippers. You can easily get a nail infection from having an athlete’s foot.

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