Pomegranate as Home Remedy for Nail Fungus Infection


Nail fungus infection is a common condition. It is usually indicated by nails that are brittle and discolored, mostly on the toes. It is scientifically known as onychomycosis. It has the characteristics of an athlete’s foot, but it affects the nails instead of the skin on the bottom of the feet and in between toes.


Toenail fungus infection has several symptoms. One of these is the thickening of the nails which makes them difficult to trim. At first, a yellow or white spot appears under the nails until it spreads to the rest of the nail turning the color into white, green, yellow, or black in the end. Your nail may also become brittle and crumble when touched. It may be misshapen and at times it gives off a bad smell. Your nail may also curl up or down or completely loosen from the nail bed.

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