Pau d’arco as an Antifungal


Toenail fungus infection is a common condition that is not only challenging to resolve but also takes a long time to eradicate. Anyone can be infected with it, but it is more prevalent among older people. Once you notice that your nail has thickened, turned brittle, and yellowed or turned white, there’s a high probability that you suffer from a toenail fungus infection.


Toenail fungus infection which is medically known as onychomycosis is caused by a dermatophyte. Molds and yeasts may also cause the infection although less common. Older people are more prone to nail fungus infection because nails tend to turn dry as we age and they become more prone to breakage. It’s through these cracks that fungus often gains entry into the nail. Fungus is all around us. They easily flourish in an environment that is warm, dark, and moist which makes public swimming pools, public showers, locker rooms, and gyms good examples. It’s very likely to get a nail fungus infection from a nail salon too. That’s why you have to be familiar with the sterilization procedures and hygiene practices of the salon to avoid risking yourself to nail fungus infection.

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