Patchouli Essential Oil as Nail Fungus Remedy


You must have already heard about essential oils. Who doesn’t? They have become so popular due to their many health benefits and uses. Most of these oils have antifungal and antibacterial properties. That’s why many of them can be used to one of the most common fungal infections: nail fungus infection.

6What Are the Common Symptoms?

Fungal infections may infect a part of the nail, the entirety of it, or several nails. These are the most common signs of it: a brittle, crumbly, and thickened nail; a foul smell coming from the infected nail; and a misshapen nail that may lift off from its nailbed. There are different kinds of nail fungus infections, but the most common of these is the distal subungual infection. Distal subungual infections can occur in both fingernails and toenails. With this type of infection, the nail’s outer edge comes with a jagged appearance and there are white and/or yellow streaks across the nails. The infection also reaches the nailbed and the nail’s underside.


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