Parfait: the Healthy Snack That Enhances Your Immune System


Nail fungus infection is often an embarrassing and in some cases a painful condition to bear. It is scientifically called onychomycosis. Nail fungus appears when one or more of your toenails or fingernails become infected with fungus. Its symptoms are varied from nail discoloration to nail crumbling. This may bring about a foul odor, and may cause the nail to separate from the nail bed. Once the nail gets damaged and misshapen, the infected area can become painful. 

Three main types of fungi can give you a nail fungal infection. These are the dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds. The most common of these are the dermatophytes. 

Who often gets infected with nail fungus?

Nail fungus infection may be caused by a nail injury or an injury on the surrounding skin which may serve as an entry point for fungus. There are many other risk factors to consider, such as family history, inappropriate footwear, poor health, immunosuppression, and participation in strenuous physical exercises. 

Is a nail fungal infection contagious?

Fungal infections have the propensity to be contagious and be passed on from one person to another. Fungus thrives in warm and moist areas. This means that you have to wear the right footwear when you walk around public swimming pools and changing rooms. It would be better to ensure that you go to public places that are properly sanitized. 

How is this treated?

The following are some of the most popular options for nail fungus treatment: oral medications, topical medications, and laser therapy. The most aggressive treatment is the oral antifungal pill. This has to be taken for several months. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe a combination treatment of topical and oral antifungals. 

What can be done to prevent the infection?

Several steps can be taken to prevent the onslaught of a nail fungal infection. These include practicing good foot hygiene, making sure your feet are clean and dry, and not walking barefoot in public areas.

1All about Parfait

Parfait is a French term that means perfect. A yogurt parfait is composed of several layers of yogurt, fruit, and grains such as granola, and even cracker crumbs. It is a perfect treat for those whose cholesterol and calories are controlled. It is considered a semi-frozen French dish that is made up of eggs, boiled cream, ice cream, and then topped with berries and granola occasionally. 

Nutritional Value

To determine the nutritional value of a parfait, let’s look into the nutrients found in each ingredient. We know that yogurt is a great source of calcium, probiotics, and protein. These are microorganisms that help one’s digestive system work properly, according to Michigan State University. The US Department of Agriculture recommends consuming two cups of fruit daily. This can be fulfilled by eating parfait. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a diet that is richly loaded with vegetables and fruits may bring down blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, some cancers, strokes, and eye problems. When it comes to grains, the healthiest according to are crushed crackers, oatmeal, and low-fat granola. These grains are known for their high nutritional value because they are loaded with complex carbohydrates that regulate the digestive system and blood sugar levels.

Parfait can be made up of various ingredients. It can be made part of your Candida Diet like in the case of apple and walnut parfait. Green apples are among the fruits with low sugar content. This is what makes them a perfect addition to your Candida Diet. Through a Candida Diet and by ensuring a healthy gut, you can be assured of a robust immune system that can get rid of diseases. 

It is always best if you make your own yogurt, but it is also possible for you to get some healthy yogurts from the store. Refrain from buying yogurt that has added sugars. Flavored yogurts must be avoided since they most often have some sweetener added. The healthiest option for yogurt is plain and probiotic yogurt. 

To make your own yogurt, all you have to do for it to ferment is to leave it a little longer than what is stated in the instructions. This will allow it to gain a tangy taste, but this means that it is now full of probiotic bacteria. This also reduces the sugar content making it fit a low-carb diet like the Candida Diet. 

Other Health Benefits

Given that the parfait you consume contains all the essential ingredients and devoid of added sugars and is low or free of fat, a parfait could provide the following health benefits:

Digestive health support

A published study by Michigan State University revealed that parfait is rich in probiotics, which are microorganisms that help keep your immune system robust. 

Rich in vitamin B12

Parfait is loaded with vitamin B12 which provides energy for the body and boosts proper brain functions. Most people take vitamin B12 supplements, but parfait is a powerful natural alternative. Vegetarians often suffer from a lack of vitamin B12 since this is obtained from meat. Parfait will be a meat-free means to supplement your own diet.

A Great Post-Workout Drink

After a session of a strenuous workout, you can take parfait as a nutritious and greatly enjoyable drink. This will make you feel full until the next meal, and it also contains protein that may help fix any exercise-associated physical damage. Amino acids found in protein are known as the building blocks that renew muscle tissues and mend fiber damage. Parfait is rich in amino acids. To make your snack more nutrient-dense, you can add berries and some bananas.

Loaded with Calcium

Parfait also has lots of calcium which can be beneficial to one’s general health. Calcium is linked closely to the body’s cortisol output. High cortisol levels in the body may lead to fat accumulation. Fat accumulation makes it harder to shed pounds and achieve other health goals. By adding more calcium to your diet, you are partially reducing fat. One of the best ways to increase calcium is to consume parfait. 

Parfait also contains high iodine content which ensures proper thyroid function. 

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