Oregano and Myrrh Oil Blend to Fight Off Nail Fungal Infection


A nail fungal infection is a common nail abnormality that affects 10 percent of the population. The medical name for this condition is ​​onychomycosis. It is brought about by the same fungus that brings you athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. The nail can become infected directly through the spread of the virus coming from the skin. The fungus on the skin spreads underneath the nail into the nail plate. Another means is through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects like nail clippers and towels. Aging is a risk factor since the nails grow slower as the person gets older. Blood circulation is also slower. When you have an athlete’s foot, you are more prone to getting infected with nail fungus. It is also a common condition among people who get their manicures and pedicures from the nail salons and those who frequent swimming pools, gyms, and locker rooms, walking around barefoot.

5What are some of the most common symptoms of nail fungus infections?

The fungus can change the look of your nails in various ways such as changing its color to yellow, white, or brown, appearing chalky or cloudy in some spots, thickening and with distorted shape, separation from the nail bed which allows space to appear between the nail and the skin, and cracking and breaking in or more spots on the infected nail. Nail fungus can turn the nail into something awful to look at, but it does not usually cause pain unless it becomes severe. In some cases, the nail may also give off a foul odor.

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