Noni: A Great Antifungal and Herbal Wonder


Toenail fungus which is also known as onychomycosis occurs when a fungal infection appears underneath the nail surface. This condition changes the nail’s color and texture. It may also cause pain and a foul smell. Most people want to treat it simply because of its appearance, but the condition can be more serious than this.

6Causes and Risk Factors

Dermatophytes which is the group of fungi that causes athlete’s foot also causes nail fungus infections. This nail infection may also be caused by yeast and molds. Nail fungal infections may also be caused by the following: walking barefoot in damp public areas like swimming pools and locker rooms, yeast overgrowth, having diabetes, a blood circulation disorder, or a weakened immune system, sharing personal items like nail clippers, and wearing tight shoes.

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