Nettle Leaves to Fight Off Nail Fungus Infections


Nail fungal infections are common particularly among the elderly. The nail fungus infection causes nail thickening and an unsightly appearance which can be painful in some cases. Some medications may help after several weeks or months while some don’t. Toenails are more prone to toenail fungus than fingernails. It is more prevalent among adults who are above 60 years old. It affects males more than females. It may affect more the younger ones who frequent places like communal showers as well as swimmers or athletes.

6What are the most common symptoms?

Infected nails always appear thicker than the normal ones. They may also appear warped or oddly shaped. Your nails are easy to break and they may become white, yellow, green, or brown. Sometimes a white dot may suddenly appear on the nail and it becomes bigger until it occupies the entire nail. If fungus starts to build up under the nail, the nail may start to loosen and even reach the point of separating from the nail bed. The fungal infection may also spread to the skin surrounding the nail.

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