MCT Oil Can Fight Off Nail Fungus


Perhaps you are dealing with a persistent toenail fungal infection. It is possible that you have used several types of medications such as prescription antifungals, creams, lotions, and nail polish, but still to no avail.

7What are the most common causes of toenail fungal infections?

A toenail infection is usually a sign of an infection such as Candida overgrowth. But the most common cause of nail fungal infection is the spread of dermatophytes. But there are also environmental and lifestyle factors that may increase the risk for toenail fungal infections. Harmful bacteria may enter the body through cuts on the skin that surrounds the nails or on the skin un between the toes. Some habits like wearing wet or sweaty socks or tight-fitting shoes for an extended period may also lead to toenail fungus infection.

If you live in a hot and humid place or when you are always in the water, you have increased chances of getting infected with nail fungus. The golden rule is to always keep your feet dry, clean, and cool as often as possible.

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