Manuka Oil: One of the Most Potent Remedies for Nail Fungus


Toenail fungus and athlete’s foot are both common conditions. Toenail fungus grows in just about anyone. It is not an indication that you are not taking care of yourself or that you have bad hygiene practices. However, the first thing you have to consider is to find out if your condition is indeed a toenail fungus infection. The following are some prominent symptoms of a nail fungus infection: thicker than normal nails, discolored nails, brittle or crumbly nails, irregularly shaped nails, dark color at the nail bed base, an unusual smell from the nail, and occurrence of athlete’s foot.

Certain factors increase the likelihood of your getting a toenail fungus infection. These include advanced age, a compromised immune system, ingrown toenails, and minor abrasions, having naturally sweaty feet, psoriasis or eczema which causes skin overgrowths around the toes, walking barefoot in public places like showers, bathrooms, and spas, reduced blood flow to one’s feet due to conditions like diabetes, and suffering from athlete’s foot or a different kind of fungus infection anywhere in the body.

Manuka Oil for nail fungus

5Usual Prescription Treatments

The most common prescription nail fungus treatment that doctors recommend to their patients with nail fungus infection is an oral antifungal pill. One of the good reasons is that it can clear up the infection better than the topical solutions. What it does is help a new nail that’s free from infection grow, replacing the infected one. Other treatments include medicated nail creams and nail polish. There are cases when the doctor would suggest a temporary removal of the infected nail through surgery.

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