Several people believe that having too much yeast in your body can bring about many symptoms and contributes to numerous chronic health issues. Yeast is a kind of fungi, and fungi can be found in your stomach and small and large intestines. A person’s digestive tract is filled with a lot of microorganisms like fungi, viruses, and bacteria. The community they build is called microbiota.

If your microbiota is healthy as well as your immune system is working well, Candida is harmless, but not when you take certain medications like antibiotics, suffer from nutritional deficiencies, too many starches and sugars, not to mention molds and toxins can wreak havoc in your microbiota that can lead to an excess supply of Candida.

The Cause of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is brought about by an overgrowth of yeast. More often, it is a sign of overactivity of yeast organisms in other parts of the body, especially the gut. One other sign of overproduction of yeast is skin itching which can be linked to toenail fungus.

Since the digestive system is the reservoir of yeast organisms. By addressing the yeast content in your digestive tract, you can help alleviate the fungal infections on the skin. Then you won’t need any toenail fungus treatment at all.

2Foods That Feed Yeast

To get rid of yeast infection, it’s recommended that you avoid certain foods such as alcohol, sugar, and refined carbohydrates from pasta and white bread. Other types of food that stimulate yeast growth include peanuts, cheese, dried fruit, soy sauce, alcoholic drinks, vinegar, and mushrooms. Antifungal diets, in general, get rid of the following: added sugars such as honey, cane sugar, and syrup; starchy vegetables such as carrots, peas, beans, and potatoes; milk sugar also called lactose such as cream, milk, and cheese; and others.

You can remove these from your diet for two months, and make sure that your diet is safe, e.g., fish, meat, brown rice, oats, and fresh vegetables. It’s also better to take a supplement that contains acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria. Foods that are rich in probiotics are also helpful such as yogurt and fermented foods.

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