Magnolia Bark: The Antifungal Traditional Chinese Medicine


Nail infection is often caused by a fungus. The infection can affect the toenails and fingernails, although it is more prevalent on the former. Another name for this nail infection is onychomycosis. Anyone can get infected with toenail fungus, but it is more common among those who are above 60 years old. It is also more prevalent among men than women.

6What are some causes of nail fungus infections?

Nail fungus infection often occurs when the fungus gets through a crack or cut in the nail. It is not caused by poor hygiene like what most people believe. Nail fungus can be spread from one infected person to another. You may also contract this by touching an infected surface. The most common group of fungi that causes nail fungal infection is called dermatophytes. However, this type of infection may also be caused by yeast or mold.

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