Licorice Root Extract for Fighting Off Toenail Fungal Infections


Toenail fungus infection is a common health condition. It is also known as onychomycosis. Most people who suffer from this do not look for treatment and at times they don’t even know the existence of the infection. One of the reasons why people tend to ignore the infection is that it does not cause pain. The prevalence of the condition increases among older adults. This condition also affects the toenails more than the fingernails.

5What causes toenail fungal infection?

Nail fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes which are found on the nails, hair, and skin. Fungus thrives in a warm and moist environment, such as public swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms, and public showers. It may also be caused by a repetitive or blunt force to the toes or fingers which can weaken the nail surface and making it more susceptible to nail fungus infection. Wearing tight footwear that is made up of non-breathable material can make your toenails more susceptible to the fungus. Apart from the elderly, people with certain medical conditions are also more vulnerable to this type of infection. Such conditions include diabetes, cancer, and psoriasis. Those people who are taking immunosuppressant medications may also be at risk of getting infected by toenail fungus.

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