When you notice that your toenail or fingernail has a yellow, white, or brown discoloration, chances are you have a nail fungus infection or what is known medically as onychomycosis. This infection may spread to other nails and may also cause the nails to become crumbly, thick, and misshapen. This infection is more prevalent in toenails than fingernails. Nail fungus infection is often without pain unless it becomes severe. Most of the people who have nail fungus infection may also suffer from athlete’s foot.

5How to Prevent It

Certain steps can be done to prevent nail fungus infection. These steps include keeping the feet and hands clean and dry, clipping short the fingernails and toenails, not walking barefoot at public shower rooms and pools, not sharing clippers with other people, and choosing a salon that is clean and licensed by the cosmetology board of the state. Make sure that all the tools used in the salon are sterilized after every use.

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