How to Prevent Fungal Infections with Tangerine Peels


Nail fungal infections are a common condition of the nails. It causes 50 percent of nail abnormalities. They affect both the fingernails and toenails although it is more common in fingernails. The infection can cause the nails to become discolored, misshapen, thick, and most likely to break or crack. The more technical name for nail fungus infection is onychomycosis. It affects the older adult population and it is more prevalent among males compared to females. 

7What are the symptoms?

The nails that are infected by a toenail fungus become thick and brittle to the touch. They become ragged on the edges and crumbly. The nails also become distorted in shape and dull. Their infected nails become yellowish, greenish, or brownish. This is caused by the accumulation of debris underneath the infected nail. It is also possible to notice scaling under the nails, having yellow or white streaking, finding yellow spots at the nail’s bottom, and at times the nails may separate from the nail beds. In severe cases, the infected nail may cause pain and sometimes emit a foul odor.

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