How to Heal Nail Fungal Infections Using Black Tea


The number of people who got infected with nail fungus reached millions. Toenail fungus also known as onychomycosis is a fungal infection that affects the toenails. It often causes a brown, white, or yellowish discoloration that appears on one or more toenails. The infection may also spread and cause the other toenails to become thick and brittle. The symptoms are often obvious and it is easier to diagnose if you have a family history of it. The infection can develop on one’s skin or nails from various sources.

5What causes nail fungal infections?

Onychomycosis occurs when cracks and cuts in the skin serve as entry points for fungi to get in between the nails and skin, which causes an infection. Apart from the infection, your nails may also experience thickening and discoloration, and they may separate from the nail bed. The truth is that everyone is exposed to all types of microorganisms that can cause these infections. These causes are multifactorial. Some of the most common factors that increase the risk of getting infected include having diabetes, being of older age, poor blood circulation, suppressed immunity, excessive sweating, and nails that grow irregularly.

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