How Common is Toenail Fungus


A huge number of individuals often take toenail fungus for granted because of how minor it is to look at. With that being said, seeing it is vastly different than experiencing them firsthand. Let us take closer look on how common is toenail fungus and how it can affect your day to day activities.

More Prevalent Than You Think

A common misconception people have with toenail fungus is that it is a condition that is rarely affects anyone. This however, is completely untrue as we become more prone in developing its symptoms as we grow older. Senior citizens in particular, have a high tendency of getting toenail fungus because of their weakened immune systems making it harder for them to ward of any infections.

It should be noted that toenail fugus is more common when compared to their hand nail fungus counterpart. The reason behind this is that fungus to love to live dark and warm places. The feet area provides the ideal environment making it fairly easy for them to thrive especially if we don’t keep it clean. Furthermore, toenail fungus can be contracted from one person to another especially if one is not careful. This usually happens in damp working areas which increases the risk of infection.

What Happens if Your Ignore It?

As mentioned earlier, many take toenail fungus issues lightly because of how small they look. Their effects can also be easily ignored especially during its early stages. With that being said, as the condition develops, patients will notice the feeling of discomfort and pain. This prevalent when walking, wearing shoes, or even standing for long periods of time. The longer you ignore them, the more likelihood it is for the fungal infection to spread to other parts of your body. It is also important to consider the people around you as the fungus can spread to others who bathe or swim with your near you.

Get Expert Advice from a Professional

Know that we know how common is toenail fungus, the next step is to take the necessary measures in order to treat them. Getting toenail fungus for the very first time can be scary especially since you don’t know what to expect. Treating them on your own may produce mixed results that don’t often goes to your favor. Time is of the essence when dealing with toenail fungus and this is the reason why many find it a good idea to get it touch with a professional instead.

Toenail fungus doctors come in the form of a podiatrist or a dermatologist. Both of these professions give clear assessment and diagnosis with their client’s toenails. This in turn helps give them a much clearer overview on what to expect with regards to their condition. Doctors will also offer a variety of treatment options that are available which they can choose that fits their preference and needs. Toenail fungus is fairly common which makes it important to book an appointment with your doctors as early as possible.  


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